Mortgage Co. of Santa Barbara has been originating loans in California for over 25 years. We are direct lenders and are able to fund more quickly than any other lender.

For creative and quick financing, call Carl Lindros toll free today at 800-234-3274.

Mortgage Co. of Santa Barbara originates commercial loans on California properties for borrowers who are on the verge of obtaining conventional financing but are unable to for one reason or another.

The borrower or the property may have a minor problem that is causing the bank to be unresponsive, a bank source may be too slow, or perhaps the borrower does not have a good banking source for commercial properties.

We can move faster than any other lender, and have funded loans within 24 hours of the initial request.

Additionally, our corporate plane can be at an airport anywhere in California in less than 2 hours. This means your loan in the "middle of nowhere" will get a quick response.

In most cases we allow junior financing, and under certain circumstances we can fund loans on properties with vacancies. See our "terms" page for more information about the types of properties we finance.